Past:  April 25, 2017

Workshop - From IDea to Object


Michael McDonough, an architect, who has innovated in interior and furniture design, will take the audience through the core components of the product development process by following a product's conception and realization in four narrative categories;

- Design culture involving a "voice of the customer" look at resurgence of interest in 1980's post modern furniture design.

- Sustainability and the use of FSC Bamboo and Palm.

- The integration of state-of-the-art communications technologies such as cabling.

- Deconstructing the design process specific to interiors.

We are pleased to partner with Henricksen and Michael McDonough for this exciting event!

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Next:  May 3, 2017

LMNOp 2017 Annual Benefit


Experience craft and the creative process as seen through the eyes of the maker. The evening will be generously hosted by Global Furniture Group