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Allsteel Showroom
79 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016


This is a collaborative event with our friends at

New York City Revit User Group:   https://www.meetup.com/NYC-RUG/events/258190653/

The "cloud" doesn't really exist. What exists is equipment that helps us store and process information. Let's see how architects and engineers best use that.

In a world of more and more complex IT system, we are more and more reliant on IT consultants without even understanding what is being said. To make the right decisions it is essential to develop a basic understanding of the options and how they relate to your practice.

We will mainly explore three different services:

- "cloud" storage

- "cloud" computing

- "cloud" infrastructure

Each of these concepts has its own "secret sauce", advantages, and disadvantages, which are applicable in different ways to different firms. We will evaluate these and help you understand which apply best to your practice.

Learning Objectives:

- Translate increasingly complex and convoluted IT & BIM jargon into plain English

- Understand different system commonly referred to as "the cloud", what they have in common & how they differ


- Understand the advantages and disadvantages of "cloud" systems as they relate to AEC business


- Attendees will relate learned concept to their own size and type of practice